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The 5 Best Meat Alternatives To Add To Your Pantry

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Whether it’s for the planet, for the animals or for you—going vegetarian can yield a ton of health benefits including weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a decreased chance of heart disease. Check out some of our high protein, meatless favorites below.

Tofu: ½ cup = 13 grams protein
Tofu is made by soaking, crushing and cooking soybeans into a slurry, then adding a coagulant—usually calcium sulfate or calcium chloride and gluconolactone. This heart-healthy vegetable protein is not only a great alternative to eggs, dairy and meat, but also shines when grilled or sautéed. We suggest keeping your soy intake to once a week max and always choose organic.

Hempseeds: 2 tbsp = 10 grams protein
Hemp seeds pack a nutritious punch with a rich nutty flavor and tender crunch. So easy to use, you can eat them straight out of the package or sprinkle on anything – salad, cereal or yogurt, etc. Don’t be fooled by their small size, hemp seeds boast 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving.

Quinoa: 1 cup = 8 grams of protein
Known as the “mother grain,” quinoa has been consumed for thousands of years and is one of the most potent sources of grain protein. Naturally gluten-free, this fiber full versatile grain works great as a side dish or main course. Quinoa is also a complete protein, meaning it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health.

Nut butters: 2 tbsp = 7 grams protein
Are you nuts like us for nut butter? Cashew, almond, peanut, sunflower—who can choose when they are all so delicious? They are full of healthful fats that benefit heart health, reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Beans: ½ cup = 7 grams
Beans are a classic staple in any vegetarian’s diet. They are full of protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron, potassium, and are low in fat. Besides getting a bad rap for making you gassy, they are incredibly easy on the wallet compared to buying a steak. Plus, research shows that a diet including beans may reduce your risk of heart disease.

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