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The Unhealthy Salad

Filed Under: Health Foods at 10:52 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
SaladIt’s Monday. It’s time to start a new diet after overeating during the weekend once again. It’s normally easy to eat a healthy breakfast and get the day started. The problem: what’s for lunch?

Many people do not eat lunch at home and that’s when the problem starts. Some people can have better control of their diet if you are able to prepare their food and bring lunch to work.

Some other people eat lunch out everyday and may have problems even if they stay away from fast food. We tend to think all salads are healthy and eating salads will make us lose weight. Only partially true.

Some salad-bar places load their salads with fat dressings and their super size salads (small portions remember?) can be enough food for two people or two meals. Bacon bits, pepperoni, croutons, creamy dressings are a few things you should avoid on your salad if you are trying to drop some weight. Chicken or turkey breast are better choices, along with fat free dressings. Chicken caesar salad is a simple but delicious choice.

Many people feel salads do not fill you up. You may feel hungry a couple hours after eating. It could be the lack of carbohydrates or protein (if you didn’t add any topping, such as chicken, tuna or turkey, to your salad).

Well, if you are starving then you may want to add a healthy snack for the afternoon break. It could be a snack bar, yogurt or a fruit salad. Remember, you do not want to overeat at dinner time. So, getting a midday snack could be the perfect trick to avoid indigestion late a night.

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