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To Be (Vegetarian) or Not To Be

Filed Under: Health Foods,Nutrition at 12:32 pm | By: Mary Nason, Contributing Author
Various vegetables on table with woman chopping radish in backgrSo many omnivores want to eat less meat as a way to benefit their health, the planet, and the well-being of animals, yet they struggle with the concept of “going vegetarian”. The mere thought of “not being able” to eat meat again can be a major roadblock, not to mention – a major bummer.

A Different Way to Think About Vegetarianism
You know, you can simply decide to try more plant-based options and forgo the meat more often than you do now. It can be that simple. There’s no need to make a lifelong commitment or take on the label of “Vegetarian”. You can just go into discovery mode and find new alternatives. Who knows? Maybe later on you’ll decide to go for an official title.

  • Pescetarians are vegetarians who also eat fish
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat dairy and eggs
  • Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy but not eggs
  • Flexitarians (or Semi-Vegetarians) eat meat on occasion

Replace 1 Meat with 1 New-to-You Plant-Based Dish
By deciding to replace 1 single serving of meat with a plant-based option, you are not only aspiring to be more healthy and eco/animal-friendly, you are succeeding! Studies show the environmental impact of not eating just 1 hamburger is equal to that of not driving 320 miles. So this one decision does have an effect.

And, this is where it begins to get interesting too, because instead of the boring string beans you’ve never really enjoyed, you’re discovering something (hopefully) delicious that you can really sink your teeth into and enjoy again and again. Nothing you love is taken away (forever) and yet something else gets added in. Win win.

A great way to try this approach is to go to a restaurant featuring plant-friendly cuisine like Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, or Japanese. Choose someplace where you don’t already have a favorite meat-based dish. Remember, the goal is to try something new, not to tempt yourself into failure! Repeat this meat-replacement-new-dish-discovery method as often as you like, at your own pace. Take note of the dishes you enjoy and then try making them at home.

It really can be that simple – to be.

Written By: Mary Nason

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  1. Tanya Harvey says:

    Fish may not have feet, but they are animals. Therefore pescatarians are not vegetarians.

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