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You Bar: A Bar for You

Filed Under: Health Foods at 4:53 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
You Are SpecialAccording to your mother, you are special. Everything about you from your handsome smile to your winning personality to the birthmark on the left side of your lower back makes you unique, and because of that, there is no one quite as wonderful as you. Yet you are forced to eat the same run of the mill, mass-produced foods as the rest of the population. You are herded into a group of consumers where each member is viewed as nothing more than a carbon copy of his neighbor. You are stripped of your individuality, and that, if you are to believe your mother, is simply unacceptable.

Fortunately, a business in California, distributing nationwide, can help you rediscover and reprove just how special you are. You Bar, created by a mother and son duo, lets you choose the ingredients, the infusions and the name of your one-of-a-kind nutrition bar before custom making it and shipping it to your door.  You select the base, the protein powders, the nuts/seeds, the fruits/berries, the seasonings/chocolate, the grains/cereals and the infusions, making it impossible for you to create a bar that won’t suit your palate.  It’s a win-win situation that only reaffirms your mother’s mantra: you are special.

Of course, that’s what you repeated to yourself when you began experimenting in the kitchen at age nine, and I think we all remember how well the Gummi Bears mixed with cinnamon and ketchup turned out. Do you really trust yourself to do any better now? Yes, you have a slightly more sophisticated sense of what should and should not go together, and you’ve successfully dabbled in the kitchen once or twice – but can you honestly tell me that you know for sure almond butter, sesame seeds, molasses, and prunes are a good combination?  I didn’t think so.

If you, like me, have no faith in your ability to construct your own personal nutrition bar and pay $40 for a box of twelve (satisfaction guaranteed or not), I would suggest finding a mass-produced nutrition bar that suits your individual needs. Clif Bar, for example, asks you a few simple questions on its Web site and then makes a recommendation based on what you want.  If you use the snacks to recover from a strenuous workout and you live for chocolate, you can try the Cool Mint Chocolate bar. If you crave something fruity to wake you up in the morning, buy a box of Fruit Nut Crunch. Your options are . . . limited, yes, but varied none the less. And if you feel that you’ve lost some of your special individuality eating a bar that your neighbor may also be eating, well, at least you have your birthmark.

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