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YummyEarth Lollipops Take KIWI’s Top Prize

Filed Under: Health Foods at 4:58 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
YummyEarth LollipopsLooking for healthy options for your kids used to be a challenge. You used to have to sift through box after box of nutritiously depraved selections before finding the one item labeled organic or whole wheat or . . . healthy. But these days, the exact opposite is true. Shelves are lined with kid-happy, good-for-you foods, giving you unlimited options . . .  and a whole new set of problems.

How do you know which one is best, which one to buy? Trial and error?

While trial and error would work in the long-run, you’d probably waste a lot of time, money and valuable taste buds, which is why KIWI magazine decided to test them for you.  Fifteen hundred parents reviewed 193 foods in 15 categories. When they were finished, KIWI had its winners. They included Van’s Mini Waffles, Annie’s Organic Macaroni Cheese, Horizon Organic Single Serve Milk and, in the best candy slot, YummyEarth Organic Lollipops.  

Why did YummyEarth walk away with the prize? It could be that the lollipops are made with all-natural ingredients such as red coloring from Japanese purple carrots and citric acid from Israeli sugar beets. It could be that all YummyEarth candies are gluten free, nut free and kosher making them the one lollipop many kids can eat.  It could be that the manufacturers work hard to meet the pleas of customers, creating new flavors regularly. Or it could be that YummyEarth lollipops are just plain yummy.

And they are. I’m currently sucking on a MangoTango and enjoying the experience immensely. The flavor is strong, tart and bright without being overwhelming. The size is perfect, satisfying my craving for candy without overdoing it. And the combination of the two is making me wonder why I ever even considered a dumdum a lollipop. My only concern is that the next time I’m in the mood for candy I won’t be able to choose between Pomegranate, Tooberry Blueberry and Very Very Cherry.

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