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Avena Sativa: Natural Sex Enhancer

Filed Under: Herbs,Sexual Health at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Avena Sativa

Some people would like to try sexual enhancement products but the ingredients used in the majority of the most popular products can be a good reason to avoid them. Trying a natural sex enhancer can be a safe alternative choice. Avena sativa is a botanical extract that has traditionally been used to increase strength, mind, spirit and body. Avena sativa supplements have been known to provide sexual stimulating effect in men and women.

Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality have shown that avena sativa aids sexual arousal. The research subject was sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, ranging from impotence to a female lack of desire and inability to respond sexually. Participants took a 300mg capsule of Avena sativa, also known as oat straw, three days a week for six weeks, and men experienced increased sex drive, enhanced erections and more pleasure during sex when taking Avena sativa. Another study showed that men experienced a 22% increase in sexual response and women a 15% increase. Men experienced a 36% increase in frequency of orgasm and women a 29% increase. No adverse effects have been reported when avena sativa supplements are used.

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