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Garlic Pills: The Power of Garlic, minus the Pungency

Filed Under: Herbs at 3:25 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
garlic.jpgItalian restaurants will forever peak my hunger with the familiar scent of garlic wafting through their doors.  Grocers line their shelves with garlic powder, garlic salt, garlic cloves and jars of roasted garlic.  The flavor and scent is undisputable, but the smell remains rather offensive when expelled from a human subject.  For years, garlic has been recommended as a dietary supplement believed to lower cholesterol, combat heart disease and high blood pressure, fight the common cold and even help prevent cancers of the stomach and colon. But there is relief for those who wish to receive the numerous health benefits of garlic minus the pungent odor.  Like nearly every other delicious food, it is now encapsulated.  Buy it in pill form all across the country.  It may spare us our noses and provide all of the powerful nutrients in high doses, but for me there will never be a substitute for homemade garlic bread.  And one simple reminder for those of you on medication or nearing a surgery date, garlic has proven anticoagulant properties and should be avoided if thin blood is a health concern for you.

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