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Herb of the Week: Astragalus

Filed Under: Herbs at 3:53 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Astragalus plantHerb of the Week is back on Lucky Blog. Today, we will talk about a very popular herb in Chinese herbal medicine: Astragalus.

Astragalus is native to northern China and has been used medicinally for years. The portion of the plant used is the root, normally collected in the spring. While over 2,000 types of astragalus exist worldwide, the Chinese version has been extensively tested chemically and is generally used in the production of natural supplements.

Astragalus is considered to have a normalizing effect on the body’s functions and has been used to support multiple health concerns including the common cold, sore throat, hepatitis and prevention of heart attack. In addition, Astragalus supplements have been successfully used to enhance the immune system.

Astragalus contains numerous components, including flavonoids, polysaccharides, triterpene glycosides, amino acids, and trace minerals. Several preliminary clinical trials in China have suggested that astragalus can significantly benefit immune function.

Furthermore, a double-blind trial found that, in people undergoing dialysis for kidney failure, intravenous astragalus improved one facet of immune function compared to the immune function of untreated people. Studies have also shown that astragalus root might benefit people with chronic viral hepatitis.

Several natural products for the immune system contain herbal formulations including astragalus as one of the ingredients. Herbal blend formulas generally help maximize results to enhance the immune system.

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    This seems like a very useful herb. My aunts have been fond of studying medicinal herbs these past few months, I am sure they would be happy to hear about this because one of them has kidney problems. Thank you for posting this…

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