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Herb of the Week: Celery

Filed Under: Herbs at 5:23 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Celery seedsCelery is widely used around the world as a vegetable. People normally eat the leaf stalk or the fleshy taproot as a snack, or use it for salads and soups.

Celery is often found as a main ingredient of chicken noodle soup. Most places also serve celery sticks as a side for chicken wings.

What some people may not know is that celery provides many health benefits as a diuretic. Health care providers have been utilizing celery seeds for many years. In fact, celery seed has been used for many different things since ancient times.

Celery is particularly grown for its seeds in many countries. The seeds are valuable for many health treatments including lowering blood pressure, the relief of arthritis and especially gout.

The supplement industry has been using celery seeds in multiple products. It may be an important ingredient in weight-loss diets, providing low-calorie fiber bulk

Additionally, celery seeds may be useful for the treatment of urinary tract infections and it’s commonly found in natural supplements because of its anti-bacterial benefits.

Several products may contain herbal blends with significant amounts of celery in their formula. You may also find celery seed in cold and flu products as well as supplements for water retention.

Celery seed is available in many different forms: liquid, capsules and tablets. It’s the perfect product for people who do not want to cook with it but want to get the benefits of the herb.

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