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Herb of the Week: Fenugreek

Filed Under: Herbs at 2:12 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
FenugreekFenugreek has been used both as an herb and as a spice for many years. Originally from southeastern Europe and western Asia, the plant now grows practically everywhere, including the United States.

Most people know fenugreek because is used in curry, but it can also be found in mix spices. The herb is also very popular in teas, easily found in many health food stores.

Fenugreek may offer many benefits: regulates cholesterol levels, diabetes control and it may stimulate breast milk production.

Several natural supplements for cholesterol add fenugreek to their formulas, as it seeds contain alkaloids, protein, vitamin C, niacin and potassium, proven to inhibit cholesterol absorption and synthesis. Taking fenugreek in capsules may help lowering harmful cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

If capsules and tablets are not your favorite form for supplements, fenugreek is also available in liquid form, which can be added to your favorite beverage. Fenugreek tea is another alternative. You may drink it hot or cold, a very enjoyable caffeine free tea.

Nursing mothers have been using fenugreek to increase breast milk supply. The herb is been used in many breastfeeding supplements along with blessed thistle, nettles and fennel seeds, increasing milk production as much as 900%. The combination is safe to use since all ingredients are natural and side effects are minimal.

Keep fenugreek in mind at your next health food store visit. It’s always interesting to find out that a spice can also be a very potent and effective supplement for you.

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