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Herb of the Week: Guaraná

Filed Under: Herbs at 12:14 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Guarana plantIt’s very difficult to find a good tasting energy drink that actually works and does not keep you up all night. It may take several tries until finally finding “the one drink” to be added to your diet. Are you still looking for it?

Guaraná could be the answer!

Originally from the Amazon region, and very popular in Brazil, this tropical plant with large leaves and flowers has high levels of caffeine in its seeds. One seed of guaraná contains five times more caffeine than an average coffee bean.

Several guaraná beverages are available in heath food stores. Many energy drinks are now including guaraná to their formulas, not just because of its potent energy levels but also for its delicious taste. Guaraná is also used in sweetened or carbonated soft drinks but with significantly lower levels of caffeine. Brazilian families drink more guaraná soft drinks than cola drinks.

Natural supplements are also adding guaraná in fat burner formulas, energy boosters and athletic performance enhancers. In addition, guaraná may stimulate the mental function and it may prevent diarrhea as well.

Combinations of natural energy boosters are one of the best choices to fight fatigue. Guaraná by itself may provide the lift you need, but it can be efficient in a blend of ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea extract and yerba mate.

But is guaraná safe to take? In the United States, guaraná holds a GRAS-status, i.e. generally recognized as safe but, like any other energy booster, take it wisely and avoid higher doses before bedtime.

Guaraná is recently growing in popularity in North America and could be a tasty solution to increase your energy levels.

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