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Herb of the Week: Kava Kava

Filed Under: Herbs at 9:15 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Kava KavaStress, insomnia and anxiety are one of the most common problems in today’s society. Our hectic lifestyle is responsible for many sleepless nights, stressful times at work and at home and, in several cases, health problems due do anxiety.

Kava kava is a natural tranquilizer that has been used for many years by natives in the Western Pacific Islands. Although kava is a 100% natural product, kava should be taken only with medical supervision. Ask your doctor before take any product with kava.

Herbal supplements and beverages are produced from kava kava roots. This powerful herb has the ability of promotin relaxation without disrupting mental clarity. Its active ingredients are called kavalactones.

Several products for stress and sleep support may have kava as an ingredient, but the amount of kava, most likely, will not be significant because companies tend to add smaller amounts to herbal blends.

It’s important not to take more kava kava than the suggested use, as people often report feeling lazy and slow in the morning hours. Yes, it’s a great product to help getting a better night of sleep, as long as it doesn’t make you feel without energy the next day.

People taking kava kava to promote better sleep react differently to the product and results may vary. Several other factors may be the reason: exercise, diet and age, just to say a few.

If you are having problems falling asleep and having long nights of sleep, kava kava may be the natural help you have been looking for.

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