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Herb of the Week: Linden

Filed Under: Herbs at 3:29 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Linden flowersLinden flowers have been used medicinally for many years. This tree grows in the northern temperate climates of Europe and eastern North America.

Linden (Tilia) is also known as lime blossom or lime flower. Most linden supplements are made of its flowers for the treatment of many health concerns.

Studies have showed that linden flowers may be used as a calming agent to relieve indigestion or pain in the abdomen.

In addition, the major active constituents in linden are flavanoids and glycosides, which may help to reduce anxiety. You may find linden in natural products for anxiety as well as products to promote body relaxation.

Linden is also consumed as a hot tea and may act as a diaphoretic to induce a mild fever. It promotes the immune system’s ability to fight infections as the fever usually does not go very high because the diaphoretic causes sweating, the body’s natural way of lowering its temperatures.

A tea of linden is generally prepared by adding two to three teaspoons (5-10) grams of dried or fresh flowers to a pint of boiled water. Cover the container for ten to fifteen minutes, and then sip the tea while it is still hot. A tincture of fluid extract of linden may alternatively be used, providing the same health benefits.

Linden supplements may be used for the treatment of the common cold but can also help with cough, fever, infections, inflammation and migraines.

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    thank you! you’ve clearly and respectfully depicted some power of the linden tree.

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