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Herb of the Week: Maca

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Herbs at 9:31 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Maca root

We hear people saying some foods may increase your libido. We always wonder if it’s true or just another myth.

Never heard about peanuts? It’s actually true for men.

Studies indicate that nuts, particularly peanuts may raise testosterone better than other foods. Almonds may do the same trick as well.

How about foods to spark sex drive for women? Basil, avocados and asparagus may increase female libido levels, boosting your sexual stamina.

How about a root that may increase both female and male libido levels? We are talking about Maca.

Maca root is originally from the Andes Mountains of Peru and is a vegetable related to radishes and turnips. The “weird looking” maca contains high levels of protein, fat and minerals and it’s eaten baked, dried or mixed with vegetables. Several Peruvian dishes will have maca root in their recipes.

Native people in the Andes of Peru have been eating maca for over 2000 years. The root is believed to increase sex drive and improve fertility, increasing semen volume and sperm counts.

Studies have proved that maca can really increase libido in both men and women. Some other studies have showed that maca root may maintain a healthy prostate and reduce stress levels as well.

If you are looking for a natural sex enhancer, take a look at maca root. It may be a safe and natural solution to improve your sex life.

Photo: Chris Kilham

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4 Responses to “Herb of the Week: Maca”

  1. Zoe Helene says:

    Thanks for mentioning maca. It is a wonder plant.
    I wanted to share a little information for those who might want to read more about maca. My husband, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham (your maca photo was taken by him) is widely known for his sustainability work with maca and the native people of the Peruvian Highlands, where organic maca is grown. His inspiring story was featured on the front page of the Business section of the New York Times this past New Year’s Day. Maca has been a life-sustaining substance in the Andes since 3800 B.C. It is legendary for delivering energy, mental clarity, and enhancing libido.
    Certified organic maca root comes from the central highlands of Peru. Not all maca is created equally. The maca in Maca Tru is not only grown organically, but is purchased at a wage that is at least double that of the market price. Thus the maca used in the Hot Plants formulas makes a positive environmental contribution through sustainable agriculture, and a positive cultural contribution through fair wage practices.

  2. leo.goldwin says:

    Thanks for this nice information. It’s quite informative for booth men and women sexual health. However, in ancient time sages have discovered some herbal treatment to stop premature ejaculation of men. Premature ejaculation is the most common problems in adult men, it is quite difficult and embarrassing for men suffering from it as they can not satisfy their partners. There are very effective herbal medicines found in Ayurveda – the traditional medicine system of India – which can be used as a cure for this problem.

  3. Melia131 says:

    Hi, you guys are doing great. I love your blog, will bookmark it, thanks!

  4. Tim says:

    I’ve used the Black Root Gelatinized Maca for many years now. It’s a popular type in Peru, as opposed to the white rooted types exported as flour and supplements. I much prefer the black. I use gelatinized black root because gelatinized maca is stronger, smoother in both taste / effects, and digest very easily. Excellent article, and a truly great plant/vegetable.

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