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Herb of the Week: Valerian

Filed Under: Herbs at 3:14 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
ValerianValerian is one the most popular herbs used in medicine preparation. Studies have proved that valerian is an efficient supplement for insomnia and anxiety.

A native from Europe, valeriana officinalis is now cultivated all over the world, and companies are using its extracts for sleeping aid products.

Doctors suggest anywhere between 350mg to a max of 500mg of valerian extract for people fighting insomnia. The supplement should be taken at night, half hour before bedtime for optimal results.

Valerian may also help with anxiety, promoting overall body relaxation. Students taking valerian supplements were able to lower their stress levels, minimizing nervous conditions during final exams according to a study.

Sleep aids may combine valerian with some other herbs. Combinations include herbs such as chamomile, kava kava, passion flower, lemon balm, hops and catnip, creating a special formula and promoting a much longer and better night of sleep.

Some valerian products are also available for kids and are safe to use. It might be helpful if you can’t calm down your kids late at night, or after physical activities. Valerian in liquid is perfect for kids because it can be added to their beverages without altering the taste.

Researches suggest that valerian does not have any major side effect and does not lead to addiction or dependence. Valerian is a safe natural product that can be taken on a daily basis.

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