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If I Only Had His Brain

Filed Under: Herbs at 10:07 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
ScarecrowWhat happened on February 20, 1999?

Don’t know? Don’t worry, neither do I. But Brad Williams does. He can recall the most trivial details of days that most of us have already forgotten. He remembers stopping to get a burger with his family when he was eight. He knows what happened on November 1, 1991, April 8, 1976 and July 2, 2007. He remembers everything. His memory is so sharp that doctors are studying it to determine what makes him different, what he has that we don’t. When they find out, they’ll let us know.

Until then, we can boost or at least protect our memory with an already much-loved supplement: gingko biloba. The most commonly taken dietary supplement, it has been advertised as a memory enhancer, but studies are showing that it may shield the mind as well. When 118 people were given either it or a placebo, those who reliably and correctly took gingko biloba had a 68 percent lesser chance of developing memory problems. Unfortunately, they were also at a slightly greater risk of stroke.

If you are looking for a way to preserve your mind, you should consider taking gingko biloba but do so with your doctor. Talk to him about the risks and side effects that come with the supplement. If you are already at a high risk for stroke, you may want to find an alternative method. If you aren’t, this could be exactly what you were looking for. You’ll have found a way to keep your mind sharp well into old age, provided you can remember to take it.

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