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Listen to Your Elders: Health and the Elderberry

Filed Under: Herbs at 10:46 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
elderberry.jpgSomewhere out there are children, teenagers and grown adults that don’t mind admitting when their parents are right. Unfortunately for my mother, I’m not one of them. For years she’s been doling out advice that I stubbornly ridicule to her face (then secretly follow behind her back). Even more infuriating I’m sure is when I smugly flaunt a newfound discovery or success as my own, despite the fact that she has been supplying that very information for years.

So here I am, finally giving credit where it’s due. Mom’s advice for health partially lies with the elder. Actually, the elderberry of the flowering elder shrub/tree. As a child, she grew up on elderberry jam and other healthy concoctions. She contributes a portion of her strong health now to her exposure to such healthy food as a child. Now, elderberry supplements are beginning to line the shelves of health food stores. Its benefits have been utilized for hundreds of years, often by the Native Americans, for a number of ailments and for general wellbeing.

Today, the elderberry’s benefits are linked mainly to its immunity boosting abilities. The elderberry is rich in vitamin C, while also containing anthocynanins which have more antioxidant power than both vitamin E and C. I personally don’t need any studies to tell me the power of the elderberry. My mother is one of the only people I know that hops out of bed and gets busy with her day without at least lounging in front of the television for a few. I’ve barely ever seen her with a cold and she has more energy than that stupid battery operated bunny. So here’s to you mom. I have a bottle of elderberry in my cabinet and I’m hoping to one day lovingly annoy my children with seven o’clock dishwashing and vacuum cleaning sessions. And thanks for doing those five loads of laundry during your last visit to see me. What a doll.

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