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Long Life Rhodiola

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Rhodiola RoseaRhodiola supplements have been considered energy enhancers for many years. Along with decreasing fatigue, the antioxidant properties of rhodiola have been used for centuries by Scandinavians and Russians to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Studies have shown additional health benefits in humans including boosting mood, memory and stamina; and preventing altitude sickness.

A recent research may add another health benefit to the list as preliminary studies have concluded that rhodiola may help promote longevity. The herbal extract of a yellow-flowered mountain plant was found to increase the lifespan of fruit fly populations by an average of 24 percent, according to UC Irvine researchers. Study leaders Mahtab Jafari and Sam Schriner concluded that rhodiola works in a manner completely unrelated to dietary restriction and affects different molecular pathways. Dietary restriction is considered the most robust method of improving lifespan in laboratory animals, and scientists have been scrambling to identify compounds that can mimic its effects.

“We found that rhodiola actually increases lifespan on top of that of dietary restriction,” Jafari said. “It demonstrates that rhodiola can act even in individuals who are already long-lived and healthy,” he added. The researchers proved this by putting flies on a calorie-restricted diet as they expected that if rhodiola functioned in the same manner as dietary restriction, it would not work in these flies, but it did. They also tested Rhodiola in flies in which the molecular pathways of dietary restriction had been genetically inactivated with positive results. Not only did rhodiola improve lifespan an average of 24 percent in both sexes and multiple strains of flies, but it also delayed the loss of physical performance in flies as they aged and even extended the lives of old flies.

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