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Our 5 Favorite Ways to Use Mason Jars

Filed Under: Home at 12:01 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
View of glass jars with lit candles inside

It’s pretty well known that Mason jars are a staple piece for crafting, but you might be surprised by the incredible number of ways you can use them. Mason jars are simply storage containers, but with a little bit of creativity, there are so many things you can do with them. Since we can’t list them all, we selected our 5 favorite ways to use Mason jars.

1. Indoor Herbs

Mason jars are normally used to store everything from raw food to leftovers but how about using them to grown herbs inside your home? You can hang several Mason jars on the wall or place them on the kitchen counter, creating your little herb garden indoors. Grow oregano, parsley, dill, chives, basil and pretty much any herb in these beautiful and practical jars.

2. Beverages and Drinks

Mason jars can be used for all types of beverages and drinks in a unique and stylish way. These jars can be used for fun beverages for kids. Just make a hole in the center of the lid and use a straw to serve them chocolate milk, smoothies, yogurt, fruit-infused water and pretty much any other beverage. Get extra creative painting the jar with your favorite color or adding your name or favorite sports team. Plus, it works for adult drinks as well! You can make fancy drinks such as mojitos, caipirinhas, or pina colada and serve your friends in a non-traditional way.

3. Home Décor

Decorating Mason jars are a simple, affordable, and unique way to personalize your home exactly the way you want. These jars can be used for food storage, bathroom storage, in your office as pencil/pen containers, in your living room as candle holders and so much more. You can also decorate them to match your home color/style as well as personalize them for special holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July, Easter, etc.

4. Yogurt Storage

If you make your own homemade yogurt, Mason jars are an excellent choice to store them. Instead of culturing homemade yogurt in the crockpot or yogurt maker, you can do it in mason jars as they stack and store well in the fridge and are also easy for traveling.

5. Table Centerpiece

Mason jars make perfect table centerpieces. With so many sizes and models available, you can be sure to find the perfect jar to add some flowers or any ornaments to enhance your table. Perfect to be placed on smaller coffee tables and counter tops, mason jars can literally fit anywhere in your home.

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