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Reduce, Stop Snoring

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snoreA good and restful night of sleep can be the differential for a better life. Studies have shown that better nights of sleep may provide you more energy and less respiratory issues. But what can you do when you hear that you’re snoring like a bear?

Snoring is generally caused by partial blockage of air movement during breathing while sleeping. The respiratory system produces noises as parts of the system may be vibrating due to irregular airflow.

Snoring can be easily reduced or even fully stopped by following a couple of simple, easy steps. First, try to change your sleeping position. For example, sleeping on your back is an indication you’re most likely to snore. In fact, sleeping on the side may be the easiest way to stop snoring. You will not block your throat with your tongue if you are able to sleep on the side of your body for the entire night. Second, adding a pilot to your back can also help minimizing snoring. You may use a large, medium pillow on your back, preventing you from rolling over. This good old trick can get you surprisingly good results. Other factors are also known for causing snoring. For example, smoking and heavy drinking can increase snore frequency. Smoking normally clogs the throat, significantly reducing the air intake. Smokers should avoid smoke at night to prevent air blockage before going to bed.

Snoring aid products may help you fighting this unhealthy and annoying habit. Nose clips are simple devices to increase air intake as you sleep. A few homeopathic products may also help and are safe to be taken on a regular basis. Click here to check our selection of snore aid products.

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