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Cooling Off After Exercise

Filed Under: Men's Health at 6:03 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Cooling offMost people remember to warm up before exercising. Stretching is a very important part of any workout and is normally quickly done. Five minutes should be enough time to stretch most muscles for physical activity.

However, cooling off is just as important as warming up is but, for some reason, many people normally skip this significant part of the workout.

Muscles normally need to cool down after exercise, maximizing results and preventing injuries. Some people feel lazy to stretch after high intense workout. Some other people think cooling off isn’t really important. Big mistake.

Studies have showed that nearly half of the muscle related injuries could have been prevented with proper post workout stretch.

Muscle recovery is key to maximize results and cooling down is an essential part of the process. Everyone is different and has different muscles but most people will have better and quicker results with consistent and proper pre and post workout stretch.

Post workout supplements may help with muscle recovery. Nevertheless, do not rely on these products to do all the work for you. Stretching at the end of the workout is still the most important part and cannot be compensate by any supplement.

Arms and legs should be the main target of your cool down stretch but don’t forget your lower back muscles as well as neck, chest and shoulders.

Don’t be lazy. Cooling off every time you workout will keep you healthy and ready to exercise again.

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