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Like a Bowl Full of Jelly

Filed Under: Men's Health at 5:18 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Jell-OExercise, exercise, exercise!!!

That is the message we send every overweight, obese and normal-weight individual. Health officials look at patients, assess their fitness and say “Good; now, get out there and get active. Keep moving and you will keep healthy.” It is an easy prescription, one that doctors dispense without worry and one that everyone can follow, regardless of money, location or insurance. However, there should be one disclaimer accompanying the advice – one mention that doctors must include before encasing their clients in spandex: you’re going to jiggle.

Unsupported tissue lurks in every body. Regardless of size, something is going to flop when you workout. But for women and larger individuals that movement is going to be more pronounced. Breasts cause the biggest problem, swinging up and down, side to side, and in and out during exercise.  They move in a figure eight, bouncing around without a care in the world, as if no bra was trying to restrain them. However the belly, thighs and butt can be just as annoying. You can feel your rear end flap in the wind and your legs rub together as you attempt to jog. And you’re fairly certain that your stomach is still a mile and a half  and three left turns behind you. The pure discomfort is enough to make you want to stop. And the subsequent medical complications might very well push you back to inertia. 

You see, the excess weight can affect your form; you alter your position to minimize jiggle, possibly landing on your feet differently than normal-weight individuals when running. Your steps are a little bit wider apart, which can increase knee load, and you land with more force, which again adds to joint impact. This raises the risk of developing arthritis and other injuries, which can lead to a minimizing of exercise. Suddenly, the easy prescription has become unappealing if not impossible. So, what should you do?

If you can, work with a trainer, who will monitor your form and make sure that your exercise is improving your health not taking away from it. Stay away from the baggy, loose clothing that you would like to workout in. Tight, stretchy garments will minimize your jiggle more than your old college t-shirt. And if you find the movement exceedingly bothersome, try exercises such as water aerobics, swimming or biking that give you a little less bounce for your buck.

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