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Run the Roads; Don’t Drive

Filed Under: Men's Health at 4:19 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Car CrashOnce upon a time, you considered running a marathon. With a relatively high level of fitness and a passion for jogging, you thought that the challenge would be invigorating. But when the Chicago Marathon ended in death and the media spent weeks discussing the dangers of 26-mile races, you lost your motivation. Cardiac arrest was not your idea of a well spent Saturday. You’d limit your running to the treadmill and save the marathon for some other delusional bloke – thank you very much. You felt confident about your decision for a while, but the nagging yen to prove yourself reemerged. Now, you are itching to begin training for the springtime marathons but terrified of dropping dead.

Lose the fear.

According to recent studies, you are no more likely to die during a marathon than you are at any other point in your day. Less than one in every 100,000 runners end the 26 miles in death. In fact, marathons are safer than driving. Fatal car accidents occur by the hundreds every day, on the very streets that are reserved for marathons. So if you think about it (and several scientists have), running a marathon saves lives. The streets are shut down; people are kept from their cars, and vehicular incidents are prevented. That would very nearly make you – the 26 miler – a hero.

So get out there and get training. Prepare yourself for a run that will deliver you an overwhelming sense of achievement and save the lives of strangers. You can do this. You can run 26 miles . . . and survive.

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