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The Benefits of Sports Creams

Filed Under: Men's Health at 5:32 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Pain relief creamA recent report raises the question about the efficiency of sport creams for pain relief.

The article claims topical analgesics do not work.

The conclusion for such a powerful statement is based on the fact that studies have found only limited evidence that topical analgesics are helpful for any type of pain.

The research on pain creams is so minimal and inconclusive that there is no science to support the effectiveness.

Athletes have been using pain relief creams for many years. In general, the majority of people find it to be effective. Let’s be honest: if these products would not be effective, or at least help to minimize pain from sport injuries, how would they be able to stay in the market for so long?

The report says research is minimal. Perhaps that’s the reason we cannot see more positive results. A higher number of studies would prove that most creams actually work and many people may benefit from using a safe and natural product.

The same old saying can be used for sports creams: people are different and react differently to products. Some people may get incredible benefits from using pain relief gels or creams and some other people may only get minimal results.

In addition, a few more factors should be considered. First, how often you apply the cream to the injured area. Second, people should know how to apply to ensure superior skin penetration. Lastly, what are the expectations for the product? Some injuries will not improve from using sports creams.

Sport topical analgesics work best in minor injuries such as bruises, minor cuts, strains, sprains and scrapes. Most products can relieve muscle and joint pain from over-exercising or sports injuries.

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  1. Eric says:

    I personally agree with your comments, but there will always be some people who may not feel the same.

  2. Richard Grene says:

    Ab exercises are a wonderful way to build confidence in your body as you can see the improvements happening. Too many people have shame and a lack of confidence in their appearance.

  3. Jordan says:

    important post, really good perspective on the subject and adequately written.

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