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Want a Winter Workout? Try This

Filed Under: Men's Health at 1:10 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Couple in BedThe winter months have come upon us with a rush of cold. Snow covers the ground, wind whips the air and we are locked inside, curled up beside the fire. The idea of exercise is currently as implausible to us as the feel of summer heat. Venturing outside whether to go to the gym or run a few miles is a laughable suggestion. Why would we even think of leaving the safe, cozy confines of our homes for such reasons? That’s ridiculous. Yet we must exercise. We can’t allow the frigid temperatures and inclement weather to transform us into blobs of winter lard. We have to do something, but what? The treadmill, a stationary bike, an exercise video? No, too boring. You’d be back to inertia in under an hour. So, how about something that will get your heart rate pumping, elicit some sweat and keep you entertained? How about sex?

You already know that sex is exercise. And so long as you use the necessary protection, it’s a relatively safe activity with little to no fear of injury. And in this instance, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are using protection since surveys have found that many of our nation’s cities (particularly Denver) are buying condoms and contraceptives at rates that far exceed expectations.  So the only obstacle we have to overcome in this quest for exercise is what if it becomes boring? What if an action-packed January leads to a redundant-looking February? What if your libido doesn’t coincide with your need for exercise and your snowed-in selves?

Well, if that happens, you change things up a little bit. If you were running and bored, you’d choose a new route, so if you’re bored with the bedroom, change the environment. Make the build-up and the workout unique. Have some fun; it is by far the best aphrodisiac.  Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Use food and drink to enhance the mood. Cook a meal together. Turn a regular pastime into a sexual one. Or as strange as it may sound, go outside and shovel the snow together. Joint physical activities lead to other joint physical activities. Keep your favorite winter workout your favorite activity in general, and you’ll maintain a level of activity everyone else will be jealous of . . . on so many levels.

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