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Do You Remember?

Filed Under: Mental Wellbeing at 5:31 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
AttentionRemember when we used to know everyone’s phone numbers? Family, friends, classmates, coworkers, everyone. That was before cell phones, contacts, speed dial numbers, text messages, etc.

Remember when we used to know everyone’s addresses? Work, schools, restaurants, everywhere.  That was before gps, navigation systems, map quest, internet maps, etc. Technology is making our lives so much easier every day, but are we taking full advantage of it?

The human brain is not quite like a computer hard drive. This entire information is going out of your mental storage. So, shouldn’t we be able to remember more things now?Technically yes, but we are learning more things these days, such as how to use computers, the tivo or the latest cell phone, which is also a computer.

Many people struggle with new devices and that’s somehow normal. What it’s not normal is when you start forgetting everything else, such as your wallet, car keys, appointments, meetings or family birthdays. Several natural supplements can help you remembering things and improve your lack of memory.

Products vary from vitamins formulas, herbal blends, amino acid combinations and homeopathic ingredients. One of the reasons we tend to lose concentration is lack of vitamins and minerals due to a poor diet. Lack of sleep is also a key factor on losing focus and attention for daily tasks.

Promoting body and mind relaxation is the secret to alertness. You will be able to stay focused and remember more things if you are able to eat and sleep well. A little help from a supplement could be just the right “push” you need to use the best of your memory and enjoy a happier life.

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