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Nail Biters Have More Nails in the Coffin

Filed Under: Mental Wellbeing at 12:15 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Worried Little GirlThe neurotics among us are those that are driven by anxiety. They worry incessantly, fretting over minor mishaps and forgettable faux pas. They are constantly on edge, mentally pacing, biting their nails and giving themselves ulcers. They have enough tension for ten people, so the last thing they need is another concern. But they have one.

Researchers have found that neurotics are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than any other personality type. While some of this may be due to genetics, much is due to behavior. The high-anxiety, stressed out, kill-me-now lifestyle weighs heavily on the heart, making it more susceptible to disease and the individual more susceptible to death. Meanwhile, extroverts – the social butterflies of society – are protected. They are less likely to die from respiratory disease. They, as they flit from situation to situation, do not have to worry about worst-case scenarios and taxing their hearts with never-ending tension. They have it easy. If only the neurotics could find some way to balance the imbalance.

Sadly, it’s not an easy task. There’s no magic pill. And as someone who leans precariously toward neurotic, I can say that completely eradicating the worry is next to impossible. There is always another reason to be nervous, another event that could go wrong and another way to compile a laundry list of “uh-ohs”. So don’t attempt to erase the tension; attempt to lessen it. Try to give your body a break. Your constant worry is wearing you down. It’s hurting your heart. It’s doing nothing but adding to your worries. 

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