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Cleaning for a Healthy Home

Filed Under: Natural Cleaning Aids at 4:09 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
spray.jpgIt doesn’t need to be spring to clean your household…and start fresh with non-toxic cleansers that won’t disturb the healthy balance of your body. It’s hard to understand how it’s taken us this long to become aware that those chemicals we’re using to clean our households are going into our bodies. Wiping down counters and vacuuming carpets shouldn’t be followed by an unhealthy round of coughing and sneezing. And if you have children, the chemicals found in standard cleaning products are detrimental to their sensitive immune system. Think about what you are “cleaning” with when buying these products at stores. If you aren’t using non-toxic cleaners, you’re likely to be causing more harm than good. Check out’s Natural Cleaning Aids to start you in the right direction.

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