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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Air Scense

Filed Under: Natural Cleaning Aids at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of natural cleaning aid products: Air Scense.

Air Scense is manufactured by LLC Citra Solv, a company dedicated to the idea that people should be able to enjoy high-quality cleaning and personal care products without sacrificing performance or the environment.

Air Scense specializes in the development of naturally-derived products that are made from renewable resources and which have a minimum impact on our world. Called by many “the best air fresheners ever,” Air Scense formulations include only the finest essential oils and plant extractives. This unique line of non-aerosol, pump-spray air fresheners is available in 7oz aluminum bottles, and in four different fragrances: orange, lime, lavender, vanilla.

The company uses only natural ingredients for all fragrances. The Orange D-Limonene is made from the clear liquid from the peel of the orange, with a similar process for the Lime D-Limonene, from concentrated lime oil. The Vanilla Pure is created from vanilla bean in a grain alcohol/water solution, and the Lavender Blend is also made of natural lavender oils in a grain alcohol/water solution.

Moreover, natural, biodegradable products are the best way to minimize our impact on the earth, without using up nonrenewable resources or damaging the environment. Air Scense wants to re-use and recycle what we “consume” in our day-to-day living.

Air Scense has set high standards to develop an unparalleled line of cleaning products that customers trust to get the job done. All products use only natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment and the company does not conduct any type of animal testing, nor do they use animal-based ingredients.

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