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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Wipex Natural Wipes

Filed Under: Natural Cleaning Aids at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of houseware and cleaning aid products: Wipex Natural Wipes.

Wipex Natural Wipes offers a complete line of natural household cleaning wipes with outstanding quality, superior cleaning power and exceptional packaging. These innovative wet towelette products are a great alternative for natural cleaning supplies. The signature translucent colorful canisters have attracted the attention of many customers across the globe and this “germ-away” popular anti-bacterial line of products complies with strict adherence to the FDA guidelines.

All Wipex Natural Wipes products are created from raw materials, without chemical based cleaning agents that leave harmful residues. All cleaning aids are 100% natural and safe for the environment.

Wipex Natural Wipes products are manufactured by Unico I.T.C, a leading global manufacturer of wet and dry wipes. All products meet all U.S. FDA regulations and are manufactured under cGMP and ISO 9002. The company focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative products to impact consumer needs and implementing innovative marketing approaches.

Today, Unico I.T.C develops, manufactures, markets and sells wipes products under various labels with a broad range of categories and uses for virtually any daily activity including baby care, hygiene, personal care, makeup removal, facial cleansing, health care, pet care, car care, food service, household cleaning and industrial.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Wipex Natural Wipes at our discounted prices including the top selling Fitness Equipment Wipes with Lavender. These wipes are perfect to clean your hands as you clean fitness equipment, and ideal for use on vinyl, rubber, plastic, chrome, and glass. Made with natural ingredients and no toxic fumes, Wipex Natural Wipes Fitness Equipment Wipes are specially formulated for gyms, training centers, Pilates and yoga studios, massage therapy spas, medical facilities, and tanning salons.

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