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Filed Under: Natural Cleaning Aids at 2:42 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
CleaningHow you decorate your home reveals a great deal about you. One color scheme -complete with matching accessories – can tell the world (or at least your guests) that you are a hopeless romantic, hiding a dark side beneath your preppy clothes, or unremarkably dull. That’s why you spend hours deciding between the purple skull and the country-chic still life, and days comparing the pros and cons of a red leather couch to those of an overstuffed beige sofa. But don’t think that once you’ve selected the perfect wall-hanging you’ve achieved the perfect image. Because it’s not just the décor that defines you, it’s the entire environment, and that includes how you clean and what you clean with. 

Traditional, mainstream products were, until recently, the only choice for true neatniks. If your mother walked in and smelled Pine Sol, bleach or an aromatic combination of both, you got her nod of approval. But that’s all changing. We are becoming startlingly more aware of the number of unnecessary chemicals in our cleaning products from ammonia to chlorine bleach to flammable solvents; we’re realizing just what they can do to our bodies as well as the environment.  And none of it is good. Fortunately, we have an alternative – we can clean green.

Over the past several years, the number of green cleaning products on the market has grown in leaps and bounds. Home Depot boasts a whopping 1,600 different choices,  and Clorox has just developed Green Works, a line of natural cleaners made with biodegradable ingredients.  In-home services from coast to coast are offering green cleans, and even your mother is turning up her nose at traditional bleach. Pretty soon the only person still pouring man-made chemicals into his mop-bucket will be you, unless you change your cleaning habits.

Buy eco- and health-friendly products, and your home will reveal that you are an intelligent, forward thinking human being . . .  that is if the guests can get past the skull.�

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