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Save Trees: Use Recycled Products

Filed Under: Natural Cleaning Aids at 6:35 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
RecycleLucky Vitamin cares about our planet. We offer several household items and cleaning products made from recycled paper.

Recycling is important to assure a green environment for future generations. We can all help to protect our planet if we can develop a “recycle / green” mind.

One of the easiest ways to start this change: buy recycled products for daily needs, such as napkins, paper towels and bathroom tissues. They can all be made of recyclable material providing the same top-quality as products made from raw material.

Most companies offer products made from 100% recycled paper, helping to reduce the need for virgin wood pulp – used especially to make paper – resulting in more trees left standing.

Most products are hypo-allergenic, whitened without chemicals,and do not contain chlorine. Some people may think products made from recycled materials are coarse and rough, but these companies are now making very soft and absorbent products.

We could save a lot of trees if everyone could start recycling. Most grocery stores are now using recyclable plastic bags, which can be used as trash bags.

Another way to reduce the environmental issues is purchasing a water bottle. Think about how many bottles of water you drink every year. Now, think about all the plastic bottles you could have saved if you had a “water bottle”. Reducing the water bottle waste is a great way to protect the planet and also save some money.

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