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How to Avoid the ‘Hidden Sugar Effect’

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This post was provided by our friends at Atkins.

It’s common knowledge that consuming foods that contain large amounts of sugar may cause your blood sugar to spike. But did you know other types of carbohydrates may have the same effect on blood sugar?

We call this the “hidden sugar effect.” Hidden sugars are the carbohydrates that convert to sugars in your bloodstream and become excess sugars that are stored as fats.

On average, Americans eat 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day. Since the human metabolism can only process about 1-2 teaspoons of sugar at a time, anything greater than that is “dumped” into fat storages, leading to excessive fat and weight gain.

Constant increases in blood sugar levels may eventually lead to pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. The majority of Americans are unaware of the hidden sugars in foods often deemed “healthy.” This is the hidden sugar effect.

For example, a medium-sized bagel may have the same impact on your blood sugar as eating 8 teaspoons of sugar (1). An Atkins chocolate peanut butter bar has the same impact as 1.5 teaspoons of sugar.

Since 50 to 60 percent of Americans’ calories come from carbohydrates (2), it is no surprise the coming generation has a shorter life expectancy than their parents (3).

By watching the quantity and quality of carbs you eat, you can prevent blood sugar spikes in your body and ultimately maintain a healthy weight.

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