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What Is Millet?

Filed Under: Gluten Free,Nutrition at 11:11 am | By: Jessica Justh
milletThere’s a “new” ancient grain on the block. Enter millet. I know what you’re thinking…isn’t that, like, bird seed? Well, not so fast.

Millet was mentioned in the journals of Marco Polo and considered sacred in China. It has been a staple in India and Africa for thousands of years and is even mentioned, as a grain for making bread, in the Old Testament. You might say that millet isn’t just “for the birds”. Here’s why…


Millet is a gluten-free grain packed with Magnesium, which can help prevent migraines and heart attacks. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that multiple varieties of millet boasted high antioxidant activity. Further research has found that millet may be helpful in controlling diabetes and inflammation. It’s an alkaline food which makes it easy to digest and serves as a great source of dietary fiber. Plus, one cup of millet contains eight grams of protein — perfect for vegetarians.


Combine about 2 ½ cups of liquid for each cup of millet grain. This highly versatile grain can be used in sweet or savory dishes. You can use it in a variety of ways — everything from pilafs to breads, soups and stews. It can even be popped like popcorn for a healthy, delicious snack. Cooking millet increases the goitrogenic effect so unless you want to send your thyroid into a tizzy (hypothyroidism), keep your millet consumption to a minimum.  Store in an air-tight container in a cool, dry, dark place.


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