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Breakfast: the Most Important Meal

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Nutritional Bars at 12:39 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
BreakfastDo you wake up early to have breakfast? Do you eat enough for breakfast to prevent from feeling hungry before lunch? Do you eat breakfast at all?

If you answered “no” to all these questions, you are not alone.

According to research, skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult because people tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal or nibble on snacks to stave off hunger.

Many people skip the most important meal of the day because they do not have time to eat as they rush out of the house. It’s time to work on day-planning.

Wake up a half hour earlier and take your time to prepare your breakfast. Eat slowly and try to enjoy your meal.

Some people mistakenly skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight. That’s one of the most common errors in any weight-loss diet.

Keep in mind: you have the entire day to burn the calories ingested from your breakfast. Most importantly, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals from your morning meal will be the fuel the body needs to generate energy throughout the day.

It’s important to educate our kids about the importance of the morning meal and the role it plays in maintaining good health and preventing obesity. If you still can’t find time to properly prepare breakfast, start eating breakfast bars.

Most nutritional breakfast bars provide as much nutrients as a regular meal. Nuts and fruits are also a good option for “breakfast on the go”. Just make sure you eat something healthy before you start your day!

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