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Who Do We Appreciate

Filed Under: Nutritional Bars at 11:26 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
clif1.jpgSeriously, what companies out there can we honestly tip our hat to and dole out a truly appreciative thank you for all that they do.  Everyday now companies are delving out their green-wash marketing plans, so how do we know who is genuinely concerned with humanity because of their prior business ethics and not just a need to jump on the recent green bandwagon?  The seriously altruistic, earth-minded Clif Bar Inc. has been making their mark since day one.  They use organic ingredients, support sustainability practices, act out against global warming and are keeping themselves green clear down to their recycled office paper.  Check out their website, which highlights not only their current practices, but future endeavors as well.  Clif Bar notes that “serving our community and supporting important causes is not a by-product of our business.  Rather, it is one of the reasons we are in business.” So if you’re in the Berkley area and are looking for a career within a company with real values, and that lets you volunteer in the community during work hours…well, look no further.  Thank you, Clif Bar.  We look forward to seeing your continued success.

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2 Responses to “Who Do We Appreciate”

  1. Sean says:

    Clif Nectar bars are great, in both taste and nutrition. I love the fact that I can actually count and recognize the ingredients in them (each bar consists of only four or so ingredients). Best of all, there’s no added sugar or artificial flavors!

  2. Happy Hiker says:

    Three words: CLIF’s Carrot Cake! Possibly the most delicious bar on the market. Bless you, Gary Erickson.

    Great article, Brandi…How about Newman’s Own? They seem to share a similar corporate benevolence.

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