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4 Reasons to Switch to Organic Soap

Filed Under: Beauty,Green Living,Personal Care at 11:41 am | By: Jessica Justh
soapThe Harsh Chemicals

Many traditional soaps contain synthetic foaming agents, artificial colors and a laundry list of unpronounceable chemical additives that can leave your skin feeling rough and itchy. Commercial soap manufacturers extract the very ingredient that helps keep skin moist (glycerin) during the soap-making process and sells it off to companies who make lotions and moisturizers. In contrast, most natural and organic soaps contain ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe, goat’s milk and essential oils that nourish, heal and repair the skin.

The environment

When you wash off conventional soap, the sudsy residue that circles your drain is made up of more than just soap and water. All of the chemicals and pollutants go along for the ride as well, eventually winding up in our soil, rivers and streams. Organic soap ingredients are far more mindful of the toll is ingredients take on our environment.

Your Family

By making the switch to organic soap you’re reducing the amount of toxins your family is exposed to. In a 2008 study by the Environmental Working Group, 20 teenage girls used 17 products a day, five more than the average U.S. woman. The study found 16 chemicals with potentially harmful health effects in blood and urine samples of the girls, aged 14 to 19.

The Economy

Research shows that nearly 70 cents of every dollar spent locally stays within the community. When you shop “small” and support local retailers, artisans and farmers you’re also making an investment in your community. It’s a great way to “think globally, act locally”.



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