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5 Foods that Promote Dental Health

Filed Under: Nutrition,Personal Care at 9:00 am | By: Jessica Justh
oralcareDiet and oral health are definitely related. When you can’t brush, reach for some of the items below for healthier gums and oral hygiene. Ensure a healthy mouth by avoiding sugary, sticky and acidic foods.

Eat your way to a cleaner mouth!


The organic compounds found in carrots are a great source of mineral antioxidants. If that wasn’t enough, chowing down on the crunchy root veg also stimulates the gums and induces excess saliva which helps keep germs that cause bad breath under control. Next time you’re thinking about gargling some of that neon green stuff that burns like battery acid in your mouth, reach for a carrot instead!


Although they may cause killer breath, onions can actually prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Especially when eaten raw, onions boast powerful bacteria-busting properties that kill germs inside your mouth.

Sweet Potatoes

Highly nutritious, these tubers have high amounts of Vitamin A, which is essential for tooth enamel formation and promotes the healing of gum tissue.


Consuming pastured dairy is vital to maintaining good overall health. Specifically, cheese protects your pearly whites from acid erosion. Our mouths are slightly acidic, so eating a small amount of cheese can boost pH, neutralize and restore levels to where they should be.


Protect your teeth with H2O. Water is as effective as mouthwash at swishing away stuck particles and residue from teeth. It also keeps your gums hydrated while stimulating saliva – the best defense against bacteria.

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