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5 Reasons to Take a Biotin Supplement

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Biotin is a wonderful component of enzymes in the body that break down certain substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others. Also known as vitamin B-7, Biotin provides multiple health benefits and can be helpful to prevent and treat several health issues. Found only in small amount in food, biotin supplements can be helpful to you. So, let’s look at 5 reasons to take a biotin supplement.

1. Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major sign of biotin deficiency. Multiple studies have shown that biotin supplementation provide essential nutrients for preserving hair strength, texture and appearance. The majority of natural products to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair grown contain biotin as the main ingredient.

2. Pregnancy Deficiency

Research suggests that 50% of women with normal pregnancy are biotin deficient, particularly at the end of pregnancy. Pregnant and nursing mothers are especially prone to biotin deficiency due to increased demand for the vitamin in the body.

3. Diabetes

Biotin supplements may help to decrease insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance. Taking biotin supplements may help to improve glucose metabolism and its utilization in people with type 2 diabetes.

4. Brittle nails

Brittle nails are the result of dryness and dehydration of a protein called keratin, which is what nails are made of. Biotin supplements can be helpful to treat this issue, providing essential nutrients needed to maintain healthy and beautiful nails.

5. Healthy Skin

Also known as the “beauty vitamin”, Biotin plays a very important metabolic function to maintain healthy skin. The water-soluble vitamin is essential for breakdown of fatty acids. Proper breakdown and distribution of these fatty acids translates to healthy skin, creating a gloss on skin, which protects against water loss and damage from harmful sunrays. Plus, healthy skin cells play a major role in the health of hair follicles and unhealthy hair follicles may result in the inability to retain hair, leading to hair loss (see 1- Hair Loss).

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  2. Luke Smith says:

    I had no idea that Biotin forte would help nails and skin as well as hair! Reading about how the vitamin helps break down fatty acids was very interesting. My wife is always looking for ways to improve the quality of her skin and hair. I will have to look into this option for her.

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