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A Better Alternative to Salon Hair Color

Filed Under: Beauty,Personal Care at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
hair dyeIf you are considering making the switch from traditional hair dye products to natural, organic dye products, understanding the difference is the first step. For many years, natural hair dye products had the reputation of being less effective and many people often complained about the results. These days are long gone as the natural hair industry has vastly improved the quality and efficiency of its products.

With similar results regarding the final look of your hair, the main difference, and perhaps the most important one, is the advantages of using natural products instead of conventional ones. Standard, non-organic hair dye contains many chemicals such as ammonia, sodium laurel sulphates, parabens and other potentially dangerous ingredients. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and other personal care products often contain these ingredients as well and with many people switching to natural formulas, why not doing the same for hair dye products?

Traditional hair dye products tend to dry your hair particularly if you dye it hair several times a year. On the other hand, natural, organic products have a much softer impact on the quality of your hair as the majority of these products contain mostly ingredients that are naturally derived such as aloe vera leaf, grapefruit seed extract, orange peel extract and many others. Additionally, the absence of synthetic ingredients often result in a lighter, soft, more vibrant hair, without the headache-inducing effects of the harsh smelling ammonia dyes you always smell at hair salons’.

If you are still not fully convinced the natural, ammonia-free products can be just as efficient, talk to people that have tried or have made the switch. Every day, more and more people are changing to natural dye products not only because it’s a healthier, chemical-free option, but also because of its great results.

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  1. Arnyth LaMasters says:

    Do you have also a hair root color fix since color has to be done more often when it is not available

  2. Cheryl says:

    Do you have black hair rinse for grey hair

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