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A Workout for Your Wrinkles

Filed Under: Personal Care at 4:54 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Face YogaAs shallow as it may be, no one wants a face lined with wrinkles. It’s a sign of age, an image of lost youth and, in our society, a lessening of beauty. As such, the retail world is filled with anti-aging products. You can buy creams, soaps, liquids and even pills to ward off facial grooves. Should those options fail, you can always have surgery. Give your face a lift, your lips a plump and your skin a tightening with a few simple injections. But that’s rather invasive, costly and possibly back-firing. You don’t earn any points for looking young when you’re more plastic than flesh. Fortunately, there’s a choice beyond the needle: face yoga.

Yes, you read that correctly. The exercise that is bending our bodies, curving our lips and soothing our souls is now reducing wrinkles, at least theoretically. Face yoga is based on the idea that the muscles in your face are just like the muscles in the rest of your body. With a little bit of training – some facial fitness, if you will – you can recreate your most prominent feature. You’ll eliminate lines, add volume to your lips, recolor your skin and re-hydrate dry patches. If you don’t have any of those problems yet, well, you will, so you might as well focus on prevention, which is what tons of yoga-lovers are doing. By alternately breathing out of each nostril, widening their eyes, twisting their mouths with their bodies and inverting their torsos while placing their hands strategically on their face, they are taking steps to reinvent or maintain their youth.  But are they steps worth taking?

Ask the face-yoga yogis, and they’ll tell you yes. Ask dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons and you may get a different answer. They all agree that it’s certainly a move towards prevention.  Wrinkles are caused by a variety of things, including facial expression and tension. Therefore, working to relieve that anxiety-fraught tightness may just stave off a few age-related lines. However once the grooves appear, it’s doubtful that you can exercise them out of existence. They are, by definition, permanent.

Never the less, face yoga may be a workout you want to consider. The thousands of men and women who have started bending their face into shape may not have fewer external wrinkles but they have fewer internal ones. They feel beautiful, and that is what really matters.

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  1. Kelsey James says:

    Is face yoga similar to regular yoga (like is it painful?)

  2. Ian Jacobs says:

    thinking is flawed here, sorry but i dont agree

  3. Eddie Schaumann says:

    This cool post. I like it. Thanks for sharing article.

  4. Randell says:

    This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.

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