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Add Feng Shui to Your List of Healthy How-To’s

Filed Under: Personal Care at 10:40 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
waterfall.jpgIt isn’t hard to determine that some people are more in tune with their environment than others. You can stand in the same room with ten different people and each person will experience a different set of emotions. Sometimes you can feel extremely relaxed, another time very anxious, yet often you are unable to explain why you feel the way that you do. We discount our intuition and move on. Yet would it not be more beneficial to listen to what our body is telling us? In fact, ignoring the signs our bodies present to us often results in depleted health and high levels of stress and anxiety. Feng shui, literally meaning “wind” and “water,” helps to balance certain aspects of your life, manage energy and create flowing harmony that can have a dramatic affect on all aspects of your life. Whether it’s redesigning your apartment or buying products that are more ergonomic, you can make your environment better fit you. In your search for holistic health, introducing some of the helpful balancing benefits of feng shui into your life may just give you the extra boost of energy and harmony that you’ve been looking for to calm your otherwise hectic lifestyle.

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