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Advantages of Organic Liquid Soap

Filed Under: Personal Care at 7:11 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
If you wonder if liquid soap is better than bar soap, the answer is…not better, not worse, just two different forms of soap. People should understand that liquid and bar soaps carry the same health benefits and conscientious personal hygiene can be carried out successfully using either form of cleanser.

Liquid soap is a better option for public places such as restrooms at work, restaurants, airports and shopping malls.

Liquid soap is usually pumped straight from the container, which protects the cleanser from sitting in water or being used by multiple people. Bar soaps are often left in moisture and small amounts of bacteria growth can occur.

If you use shower liquid soap, use only the necessary amount to wash your body, minimizing waste. In this case, huge advantage for liquid soap as all the debris and excess dirt remove from your skin will wash down the drain as soon as you wash your body scrub. Debris and dirt tend to stick to bar soaps and need to be washed off prior use.

Finally, many people wonder if using organic personal care products is worth the money. Organic liquid soaps use 100% organic oils certified by internationally recognized organizations, which ensure the integrity of the products in relation to the environmental impact of their farming and the long-term sustainability of the crops.

In order to be certified organic, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are permitted in the growing of the crop as well as in the extraction and refining of the oils from the crop. For example, no bleaching or chemical distillation is permitted, creating a much better product for you and the environment. So, easy answer, yes, it’s certainly worth the money.

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