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Aubrey Organics Lumessence: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Filed Under: Personal Care at 8:52 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
LumessenceThe typical woman spends a lot of time and money trying not to age, or at least trying not to appear that she’s aging. She purchases bottle after bottle, cream after cream and vitamin after vitamin. She applies, she waits and she watches. If nothing happens, she starts the process over again, depleting the product at warp speed and emptying her wallet to buy more, determined to see a change. She becomes fiercely loyal to the ineffective item and, as a result, wastes inordinate amounts of money on something that won’t do her a lick of good.  And that’s a shame, because if she would step away from the useless tube on her counter, she would see that there are actual products on the market that produce actual results.

Aubrey Organics’ Lumessence rejuvenating eye crème with liposomes is one such product.  It is made with wheat and oat proteins, herbal oils such as aloe vera, evening primrose and white camellia, and three different liposomes – one to hydrate, one to lock in moisture and one to deliver much needed antioxidants to the skin. It is proven to moisturize and smooth skin while reducing the appearance of moderate and deep wrinkles. And it does so quickly. After just one hour there is a 35 percent increase in moisturizing. Eight hours later, that increase, although not as high, is still present. If the product is used regularly, it is only a matter of days – a few short weeks at most – before a significant reduction in wrinkles is noticed. It truly works, and, as if that were not enough, it is all-natural and vegan approved.

If you are fighting the wrinkles forming around your eyes, stop the fight and start the process of removal. Get rid of the products collecting dust in your medicine cabinet. Pick up a tube of Lumessence. Become loyal to a product that will actually do something for you, that actually deserves your loyalty.

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