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Don’t let them bug your good time: Chasing Insects Away

Filed Under: Personal Care at 6:04 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
MosquitoesSummer is the outdoor season. Beautiful days and hot temperatures create a perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities. We spend a lot of time in our backyards, porches, gardens, parks, etc. It’s also time for camping, RV trips across the country and international adventures. It all sounds great and fun, until insect bites ruin your good time.

Mosquitoes, flies and spiders are often around us. Small size insects are not always visible, leaving us unprotected most of the time. These unwanted guests always seem to show up when we less expect. We should always plan ahead and try to prevent that itchy leg or arm but we can never really guess when and where they will strike.

A good insect repellent will always help preventing bites. Most available products are efficient but we tend to be the ones causing the problem. Most people either forget to apply or stay hours without reapplying the product, giving a chance for the insects to lend on your skin.

Kids should be watched closely because they will rarely remember about any protection, (repellent, sun lotion). Kids have higher exposure but higher amounts of repellents are not necessary. Try not to apply repellents on their hands as this may result in accidental eye contact or ingestion, (you know it; we’ve all been kids before, right?)

And remember what your grandparents once told you about eating garlic and chasing insects away? Oh, you may have laughed about it, but yes, it’s true and it does work.

Garlic when taken internally may work as a mild insect repellant. Several studies have been showed significant results, but most cases needed an intake of 1000 mg of garlic a day. If you do not wish to eat a lot of garlic, stick with the traditional repellants. Sprays and lotions are the most efficient ones. Several natural brands use plant-based ingredients, very efficient to keep your skin beautiful and bite free this summer.

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