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Don’t Touch . . . Anything

Filed Under: Personal Care at 1:51 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
SinkIn public, you are frighteningly aware of the germs slipping from hand to door to hand. You eye sickly strangers as they rub their oozing noses then paw all nearby surfaces. You’ve stopped touching anything directly, darting through closing doors, using your sleeve or tissue to handle objects and sanitizing desperately if you’re forced to use your bare hand. It’s hard work – dodging strangers’ germs – so when you get home it’s a relief to know that you are finally in a virus-free zone. You can run your finger across any wall, counter or thing and not worry that your body will be overrun by germs. Right?

Not quite.

Your home may very well be, should you develop one, the source of your infection. Oh, sure. You routinely clean like a madman, scrubbing counters after cooking and bathrooms once a week. And you and your family always wash your hands, never leaving the restroom without a thorough lather and rinse. But is it really that thorough, and do you honestly think that select scrubs will keep germs from spreading? All it takes is one touch.  You flush the toilet, not thinking of the bacteria that has manifested on it, and then turn on the sink, transferring the nasty bugs. The next person to touch the faucet gathers a handful of germs and passes it on to every surface and person he subsequently encounters. Before you know it, your “pristine” home is a hotbed of bacteria.

When cleaning at home, remember to sanitize all surfaces, particularly door handles, tap handles, toilet seats, counters and anything that may come in contact with raw meat.  Wash cleaning cloths, clothing and linens regularly, as they can hold germs just as easily as granite or tile. Wash your hands after using the restroom, cleaning up after a child or pet, sneezing, handling food, touching the garbage can or holding cooking utensils, and before cooking and eating. You may feel a bit obsessive at first, but when the rest of the world is ill and you are happily sanitized, you’ll be worshipping your inner neat freak.

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