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Enjoy the Great Outdoors, DEET and Pest Free

Filed Under: Personal Care at 10:46 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
insect.jpgThere’s a green movement buzzing, spurring many families to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  Summer is the perfect time to educate children and adults alike to appreciate all of the fine things to be had in nature: hiking, biking and swimming to name just a few.  Yet, there is more than one outdoor buzz we should be concerned about this season.  How do the environmental and health conscious ward off insect related diseases while still enjoying Mother Nature?

The EPA and CDC recommend using products containing DEET, as it is shown to be one of the most effective substances for repelling insects.  However, they are VERY specific in advising that DEET products are safe for human use “if directions are followed properly” for each DEET containing insect repellent.  However, if directions are not followed specifically, the side effects range from skin rashes and irritation to brain cell defects, seizures and behavioral problems.  A study at Duke University turned up more evidence on the side effects of DEET insect repellents.  Their study on rat subjects is shown to coincide with the same symptoms of brain cell death and ranges of other problems experienced by human victims after the use of DEET during the Persian Gulf War.  Granted, the extreme side effects of DEET tend to occur only at high levels of exposure.

When instructions are followed, DEET is shown to be safe and effective.  However, it is often difficult to ensure that a child or adult is aware of this and proceeds to read and follow the instructions perfectly.  How many people would remember not to use the repellent under clothing or to wash off repellent directly after use?  Luckily, for those concerned about the safety of DEET insect repellent, there are safe and effective alternatives.  All Terrain and Lewey’s Eco-Blend are two such brands that ward bugs off for approximately four hours.  Both companies support sustainable practices and ensure that their products are derived from natural products such as geranium, lemongrass and peppermint. Give the alternative a shot and check The Green Guide’s list of DEET-free products.  You just might be pleasantly surprised at the DEET-free results.

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