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Enjoy Your Shower!

Filed Under: Personal Care at 9:57 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
ShowerA good shower is always very enjoyable. A healthy routine we do once or twice a day. Showers have been a human habit since the early days, promoting healthy hygiene. Some people like to take a shower in the morning, as soon as they wake up. Some other people prefer night showers, before bedtime.

Hot water, cold water, quick shower, long shower, bar soap, liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, with so many variables, it’s safe to say showers are a personal and intimate moment we have everyday.

How do you define a good shower? Let’s start with frequency and time. We should not take more than two showers a day, according to dermatologists.

Morning showers are great because they help the “waking up” process, very tough for some of us. Night showers are the ideal for people who like to exercise in the evening or like to feel clean when they go to bed.

Next step is water temperature. Hot and warm water promote muscle relaxation but can be harmful to the skin and hair. Cold water is ideal for people taking more than one shower a day, maintaining the skin’s natural protection.

Duration: shower should not last more than five minutes. That’s enough time to clear all the areas of the body, including hair and more sensitive areas, such a genitals, underarms and feet. Keep in mind, water is great but there’s no need to waste it, keep the environment in mind when taking a shower.

Bar soap or liquid soap? Total personal choice here, both products can be very efficient if used properly. Liquid soap has less waste than bars, but some people prefer the solid form directly on the skin instead of using sponges.

Are you all set? Just stay clean and enjoy your shower!


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