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Facing the Facts: What to Look for in Face Care Products

Filed Under: Anti-Aging,Personal Care at 6:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
FPFinding the right ingredients for face care products can be a challenge. With so much information available, people often get confused on what to look for in products for facial care. Since there is no perfect combination of ingredients, we can suggest and talk about the most common and efficient ingredients used in face care products.

The majority of products have the exact same claims: help reduce aging skin, erase wrinkles, diminish age spots and repair sun damage. The first word we should look for is antioxidants. Known to counter the free radicals that damage DNA, these natural substances are made up of vitamins and minerals and are an excellent product for skin treatment. Antioxidants are known to reduce wrinkles, minimize dry skin as well as improve the skin appearance, particularly reducing dark circles under the eyes. Products with high amount of antioxidants usually contain ingredients such as acai, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, and vitamin C.

In addition, a couple other ingredients can make the difference for facial skin. Retinol is made from vitamin A and is added to creams to go on your skin. Known to boost collagen production and plumps out skin, retinol can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as improves skin tone and color. The amazing Coenzyme Q10 is another premium face care ingredient. The human body naturally makes CoQ-10 to neutralize free radicals in cells but as we age, production significantly reduces, making the skin cells more vulnerable to damage by free radicals. Products with CoQ-10 can help reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

Lastly, hyaluronic acid is a helpful ingredient too. Included in skin care products to reduce the signs of aging, the body also produces hyaluronic acid naturally, keeping tissues cushioned and lubricated. It’s found in skin, joint fluid, and connective tissues. Once again, as we age the amount of the acid reduces and products containing hyaluronic acid may help smooth out skin. Hyaluronic acid is especially effective when combined with vitamin C products.

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