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Featuring Soothing Touch Narayan Oil Products

Filed Under: Personal Care at 5:56 pm | By: Jacob Grail, Contributing Editor
Narayan Oil BalmSoothing Touch has worked with massage therapists for the past 30 years to create the highest quality professional massage products available. In this blog we will be featuring their Narayan Oil and Narayan Balm. Narayan is a therapy oil used by Yogi’s for centuries to soothe muscles.

Narayan Balm™ is a pain and stress relief remedy based on the ancient ayurvedic formula of Narayan Oil ™( nah rah yan). The oil consists of  eucalyptus, peppermint & clove essential oils in sesame oil. The balms consist of the narayan oil in a base of candelilla and bees waxes. These deeply penetrating essential oils ease sore muscles, aches and pain; aid in circulation; ease stiff joints; are an effective chest rub for cold season; great for stress in neck and shoulders and headaches, use behind you ears or on the temples ( just don’t get it in your eyes). Narayan Balm™ Regular Strength is based on the original Narayan Oil ™ formula. Extra Strength Narayan Balm™ combines Narayan Oil ™ plus camphor and menthol essential oils to provide an extra cooling and intense therapy balm. These are great first aid remedies for the aches and pains of the weekend warriors, the avid gardener as well as anyone trying to get back in shape. These products are cruelty, paraben, gluten and petroleum free. Good for you and the planet.

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